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由于Gitbook Editor的Mac版本存在一些bug,使用起来并不方便。当单个页面长度需要滑动时,每次删除都会异常卡、慢,令人困扰。Gitbook-Kit为VSCode添加了相关功能支持。

Since there're some bugs in Gitbook Editor(Mac version), I made this extension so that I could use VSCode as the gitbook editor.


功能 Features

  • 若存在SUMMARY.md文件,自动激活插件

  • 文档结构树支持编辑功能,可以增加、删除、重命名节点

  • 文档借口树的变动会自动同步到SUMMARY.md文件中

  • SUMMARY.md文件发上变动时,左侧文档树会同步更新

  • Extension will be actived when exits.

  • You can edit book structure in the Gitbook Struct Explorer View. (Create node, rename node or delete node)

  • All changes made in the structure view will be synchronized to

  • Gitbook struct will be updated once changed.

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