FEngine: 2D格斗游戏引擎 && 编辑器


2D格斗游戏引擎 / 2D FighT Game Engine

特点 / Feature

  • 基于Canvas绘图 based on Canvas
  • 同时支持桌面和移动端 Support both desktop browser & mobile (any container support canvas)
  • 支持自定义新角色 Support user defined new character
  • 支持发布角色(未来支持功能)Support publish new character to chracter gallery
  • 支持加载第三方角色信息 support load character from chracter gallery
  • 桌面端使用键盘操作,移动端使用虚拟手柄 use keyboard on desktop and virtual joystick on mobile
  • 游戏编辑器功能(未来支持) game editor to create new characters/ new games...
  • 更多敬请期待... more to be expected

预览 / preview

桌面静态效果 Desktop Static Screenshoot

移动端动态效果 Mobile Gif Screenrecord

游戏编辑器 Game Editor

尝试 / taste


代码克隆后执行如下命令 git clone & execute script

npm i && npm run dev

一般服务器会启动在 After server launched successfully please visit http://localhost:8080/

游戏操作 / Game Operations


When using keyboard, 'wsad' controls up/down/lef/right/, and 'jkl;' are regarded as 'ABCD'

出招表 / Skill sheet

八神庙 / Iori

驱炎弹 ↓→A/C

葵花 ↓←A/C

必杀技 ↓A



贡献代码 / Contribution

If you'd like to contribute to this project, please contact me by email(See my github profile)

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